Welcome to Aaayejaaaye, (pronounced AJ)

I’m AJ! Currently I’m studying computer science in beautiful Colorado. This blog is where I document my passion for augmented/virtual reality as well as game development and design. I have so many plans! I have been serious about learning Unity for about a year now and I feel in that time I have learned so much! My primary experience has been working with the Microsoft Hololens AR heads up display for NASA! ( See Experience Page)

I am still involved with the Hololens project to a lesser capacity, but I wanted to start focusing on learning how to make AR experiences with more accessible devices. I will be documenting my learning experience as well as my process of creating applications using Vuforia, Mixed Reality Tool Kit, Spark AR, ARCore, Unity, and more!

Eventually I would like to invest in a VR headset and create lessons on how you can build your own AR/VR applications.

I’m looking foreword to digging deeper into the world of AR/VR and sharing that with you!