Black Friday Do you partake? Chances are you are either curious about what I have to write, or want to know want to get some good deals for the tech nerd in your life! Black Friday is one of the best times of year to buy electronics. I am going to break it down by techie diaspora and let you know what they may have on their holiday gifts list.

For the Computer Science Major

Me, yes, that’s me, this is what I want, or already own and can highly recommend.

A Laptop Computer

MacBook Pro ~$2300

MacBook Air $699

In CS, you usually fall into three camps, Apple lovers, Apple haters, people who use and like both, but prefer Linux. I would say half of the people at my school have Macs, I personally use a Windows machine, with a Linux distro for when I wanna get nasty, but yeah. Getting a super nice MacBook Pro or Air is on at least 50% of the CS majors, or most other majors really, Christmas list.

A Great Mouse

Logitech M535 $25.99

This Depends on your Interest, but working on laptop computer all day can be a little annoying if you are stuck using a trackpad. If you are doing any kind of graphics work or game development software, such as Unity, then not using a mouse makes getting anything done impossible! I personally use the Logitech M535 mouse and keyboard and have for many years, highly recommend.

Logitech MX Master $56.98

For many years Influencers have been advertising this mouse as the perfect mouse for productivity. From what I hear the DPI is decent enough for wireless gaming, and you can use it on literally any surface. starry eyed wonderment. It’s on my list.

A Second Monitor

This will depend on the type of work said CS major will be looking to get into. Having said that, your going to want at least 1080p, IPS, and 24 inches. Samsung and Acer are having deals across the board for their monitors this holiday season so don’t miss out on a steal!

Samsung 24” FHD Monitor $119

This is a Steal. Get it. My current monitor is 24’. It a great size for being a secondary monitor to a 15’ laptop! Apart of me always wonders… could I go bigger? segway into…

Samsung 32” Gaming Monitor $449.00

144HZ and 32” of real estate to work with, VESA compatibility!!

Samsung 49” 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor $799

I’ve been seeing a lot of ultrawide screens lately. The zeitgeist has spoken, get on the bandwagon and quadruple your productivity and KD’s with this absolute steal ($300 off!!!)

For the Reader


Kindle Paperwhite $84.99

I had a kindle once, I loved it. Sadly I lost it in Denver on the train… Owning a kindle was amazing and you can usually get kindle deals and credits via other offers from Amazon. Such as selecting slow shipping at checkout, usually gets rewarded with kindle credits.

For The Phone Addict

Google Pixel 4 XL $669

I own a Pixel 2 XL and if you don’t mind owning a Google phone then I highly recommend, the camera is awesome! getting a phone for the holidays is such a good strategy.

Google Pixel 3 $449

For the Gamer

saved the best category for last!

Playstation VR Bundle $249

For all you console gamers out there, So Jelly, I personally grew up with PlayStation once I made the switch to PC I loved it, however, a part of me still wants to own a PlayStation. Mostly for the JRPG’s!

Logitech G332 Gaming Headset $39

Peripherals! YES! They all seem to be on sale right now. Having a gaming headset has personally upped my experience and made emersion much greater. I use Razer Nari which is a steal right now! I even have this cool head that I put them on and hopefully one day my own VR headset too!

[Razer Nari Ultimate $114]

There are honestly so many good deals on Amazon right now and probably through the holidays. I reccomend check them all out, if you didnt see something you liked on here, Amazon has a great page specifically highlighted all the deals they are ofering.

There it is! Hi Family, thank you for reading this far! You are such a star for checking out this blog and I’m so grateful! I’ll be posting more about what I’m working on in school and my extra curriculars Peace,