Unity Learn

Im not going to lie, When I started learning Unity I was interested in the three main areas: scripting, UI, and augmented reality. I B-lined it straight to those topics and was completely lost. After a while I still learned a lot, but it wasn’t until I finally took the time to just learn the basics that I realized just how much knowledge I was missing out on(with the right tutorial). If your not into design and are like me and want to focus on more technical elements, too bad. If you want to create awesome environments and don’t feel comfortable with scripting, I have bad news. If you really want to learn Unity, sure, have a specialty, but you have to learn all aspects to truly understand this game engine, and don’t think you can just watch a 30 min video and master Unity either, WRONG! Ok, I’m done shaming.

So here we have the best tutorials for absolute beginners in Unity 3D and the estimated times to complete them(ETC).

  1. Getting Started in Unity:

Estimated Time to Complete: 1-3 hours

If you have already opened Unity,  you’ll see A LOT is going on in the interface. It can be very confusing, and getting to know what’s what can take some time. This Getting to Know the Unity Interface is a good first step.

Getting Started With Unity

  1. Beginner Scripting:

ETC: 7-15 hours (longer if you don’t know object oriented programming)

My recommendation, if you are coming into Unity without knowing any programming, I recommend getting familiar with C sharp. Unity learn does have a just pure C sharp course that is apart of this larger scripting course (see number 3). However, this course shows ways that scripting is used with the Unity Scripting API and covers the many other script behaviors Unity offers. One very powerful tool, scriptable objects. I recommend doing all three, at some point or another you will probably view these eventually.

Beginner Scripting

  1. Beginner Game Play Scripting:

ETC: 3-5 Hours

This is for those that are less familiar with C sharp and Programming as a whole, or who may need a quick refresher as the begin scripting their own projects. If you did #2 in it’s entirety then you have already don’t this one, but if the time spent on #2 was just too long then I recommend this for the fast and dirty scripting, you can just do this single course.

Beginner Gameplay Scripting

  1. Live Session Quiz Game:

ETC: 1-5 hours (depending on your comfort with C Sharp)

I cannot rave enough about this one! If you are someone who really wants to get into the nitty-gritty of programming with Unity this one is for you. I will say,  this is a bit more intermediate than beginner, but if you want to get into scripting this will be valuable. The first part is so good, but the second part is where I really learned how to take it to the next level. This course covers, data structures, JSON,  serialization, and creating custom GUI’s for the editor, FUN STUFF!

Quiz Game 1

Quiz Game 2

  1. Basics of Animating:

ETC: meeeehhhh?!

I want to say a few things, Unity updates constantly. Learning Animation is fun, following tutorials in Unity (on YouTube) is not fun and sometimes confusing hard. I will be uploading soon things to look out for when following a Unity tutorial soon. When it comes to the Unity Animator, as a beginner, be aware of the version numbers.  As I am writing this 2019.x.x is the most recent stable version of the Unity Editor. Make sure any tutorial you are following (with exception of scripting sometimes) is the most similar to the version of Unity you have downloaded. There are exceptions, but for the most part follow this guideline when just starting out.

Basic Of Animation

Premium Stuff: 

Unity Premium is offered for free on a 30 day trial. I recommend if you want to stick with the official Unity Tutorials that you try out premium content, but only when your ready. I personally don’t think it is worth paying for it.

Basic of Animation

  1. Introduction to Scriptable Objects:

ETC: 2-3 hours

If you have done some of the previous tutorials, you have seen scriptable objects by now. However this tutorial is great because it shows how to use scriptable object in an inventory system. which, if you plan on creating games or just UI, or some kind of pseudo in game database is probably going to happen at some point.

Introduction to Scriptable Objects

  1. Complete C# Unity Developer 3D: Learn to Code Making Games:

ETC: 33-40 hours

Udemy, what a great way to learn Unity. I saved the paid courses for last because, putting money toward a new skill can seem a bit hasty. If you know you want to be serious about Unity then I recommend supporting paid content. You’d be surprised how much more valuable the information you can learn from just paying a few extra dollars. I believe very strongly in that value. I plan on creating paid courses in the future for AR development. For now I will say again, if you are serious, consider, premium, paid, donate, etc for more value in your knowledge.

Udemy (wait till on sale)

Complete C# Unity Developer 3D

  1. Game Development:

ETC: 30-40 hours

Coursera is another great resource for Game Development, they have a deal on some courses where when you sign up for a course the first 7 days are free. This course is probably the best introductory course to Unity 3D I have personally ever done. There was only one hiccup I had with a WebGL compatible browser but other than that this course was fabulous.

(finish within the 7 day trial)

Game Development

And that’s it! Alright, as of late 2019, these are the tutorials I have been using the past year of learning Unity and I have to say It is pretty scripting heavy. that has been more of my focus area in Unity development, but when it comes to certain topics, what changes often in the Unity editor are topics such as animation, other graphic editing tools, and it, depends on your target platform. I have mostly been using third party augmented reality UI specific platforms and as I get more into traditional game development for PC I am starting to get more creative knowledgeable in other aspects of Unity 3D. I am very excited to see what the future holds. Thanks for checking this out!