• The Future of AR VR, Personal Identities, and Accessibility

    This is the second part of my discussion with Christian Hill If you haven’t checked out the first half of the interview where we talk about accessibility and transhumanism. Click Here. What started as a discussion on innovation and AR/VR quickly turned into our experience as African Americans and our first impressions of being in the “technology” industry has been so far.

  • Christian Hill on Transhumanism

    This week I am sitting down with my friend and fellow NASA SUITS teammate Chris Hill. He is a senior in computer science here at CU Boulder. He is also a McNair Scholar and a Google CS Research Mentorship recipient whose research interests lie in human augmentation, sensory extension, Transhumanism, biohacking, emergent technology, and educational technology. These interests culminate in the development of sensory extensions and augmentation devices that encourage shared innovation and scientific discovery, with the intent that these open source projects have the potential to lead to a stronger augmentation community and the dispersion of more novel ideas.

  • How to Setup AR Core in Unity

    Hello Hello,

    If you are on the internet looking for a tutorial on ARCore or AR Foundation you might be receiving mixed information on the configurations. Never fear, I am here to hold your hand. Don’t worry I wont casually gloss over critical details. This tutorial assumes this your first time building an Android application. If you want to try the ARCore official Instructions please do. I find that a combination of these plus my own knowledge of unity works best. If you plan on using the ARFoundation package for Unity you will also need to view these instructions Quickstart for ARCore Extensions for Android.

  • My Experience With NASA SUITS

    I have been on a two week hiatus, I finished finals WOOHOO and have been enjoying Christmas holiday! But now It is time to utilize the rest of my winter break and really focus in on this blogging venture for a bit. I have joined Instagram and a lot of advice out there is to have an accompanying YouTube videos with your blog post. Editing takes a lot of time but I have managed to make one so far. I will save my future plans for another post. This post is going to be about reflections on 2019. I took a poll on Instagram (links below) about what my next post should be, and not many people over there want to hear about Game Dev, but a few wanted to hear about my NASA SUITS experience and majority polled other… but no suggestions so… here we go my NASA SUITS experience.

  • Beginner Mistakes in Unity

    It is so very funny, starting in Unity is exciting and there is much to learn. After doing a tutorial or two it might be time to venture out into the wild and start working on a project you have been dreaming about all this time. I am so so soooooo happy for you. However, read this first and learn from my mistakes.

  • Free Unity Cheat Sheet

    Hello, Opening the Unity editor for the first time can be really intimidating. I am here to help. I've created a lovely infographic for you. It's a lovely cheat sheet that give you the basics of the Unity editor! Thanks for checking it out and if you like it be sure to subscribe to my email list!

  • My Gaming and Productivity Setup

    This has been a few years in the making! I'm happy to say this is the most satisfied I have ever been with a setup. I bought my desk in 2016 from Ikea and it is this massive beautiful slab of cork, yes cork. It has been the base inspiration for all of my aesthetic choices. I had a Lenovo laptop previously that didn't last as long as a felt it should, but I have recently upgraded to my dream laptop, Razer Blade 15. As technology goes, I could always do some updating every few years!

  • How I Created My Blog For Free Using Jekyll and GitHub

    Hi Techies, So I've been playing around with Jekyll for about a month trying to get this blog running. This tutorial is for those with basic understanding of HTML, CSS, CMD, IDE's, etc. Of course I will not discourage someone without any experience to not try this. If you want this to be easy and seamless then head over to WordPress, Wix, or whatever and give them your money. No shade, seriously. If you have the basic skills, and time, you can create a blog on the cheap! I'm not big into web design or development, but that just kind of is the way things are going and being able to create a website is a useful skill set for anybody trying to put themselves out there.

  • How I Designed My Jekyll Blog From the Minima Theme

    Hello welcome to the design portion of my blogging adventure! This is the second half of my post on how I created this blog. I am not trying to be a web designer or full stack developer, so spending a lot of time getting this perfect wasn't a priority. Yet, I still found the default Minima theme to be... not my style. I initially was over ambitious with my design, too many ideas. I want to use this blog to get my projects and ideas out there, and look pretty good in the process. I had a eureka moment working on the design. I thought, 'Keep It Simple Stupid'. I needed to just stick to the basics and work my way up.

  • Amazon Black Friday Deals For The Techie In Your Life

    Black Friday Do you partake? Chances are you are either curious about what I have to write, or want to know want to get some good deals for the tech nerd in your life! Black Friday is one of the best times of year to buy electronics. I am going to break it down by techie diaspora and let you know what they may have on their holiday gifts list.

  • Ten Commandments For Following a Unity Tutorial

    Follow these tips or

    Ah Yes, Unity, Throughout the years of being an aspiring game developer/CS graduate /billionaire /philanthropist(ehehe) I have followed hundreds of Unity tutorials. I would consider myself an intermediate beginner as a Unity user. I find that I can still find some real quality intro Unity tutorials that I can benefit from(usually not free tho). If you look up Unity 3D/Game Development or any other popular keywords for aspiring game makers in an analytics tool you will see that the results are both highly sought after and also… highly saturated (I’m a small fish in a big pond).

  • I Tried Spark AR: Beginner Friendly

    Spark AR Studio v75

    Image of Me

    How long has this been a thing!?(August) It’s fantastic, super easy, and fun!

    I was recently googling and found Spark AR show up in several of my results. At first I was reluctant because I personally don’t currently use Instagram or Facebook filters (but have been considering it).

  • Best Unity 3D Tutorials for Beginners in 2020

    Unity Learn

    Im not going to lie, When I started learning Unity I was interested in the three main areas: scripting, UI, and augmented reality. I B-lined it straight to those topics and was completely lost. After a while I still learned a lot, but it wasn’t until I finally took the time to just learn the basics that I realized just how much knowledge I was missing out on(with the right tutorial).